Monthly Archives: June 2011

City Paper Attempts to SLAPP Back at Dan Snyder

Today, the City Paper and reporter Dave McKenna filed a motion to dismiss the complaint brought by Daniel Snyder in the District of Columbia Superior Court.  The defendants are moving under the District of Columbia’s recently enacted anti-SLAPP statute. The motion argues that dismissal is necessary because Snyder “seeks to use the processes of this Court as a vehicle to punish the author and publisher of a commentary critical of him, and to send a message to the news media generally that such reporting will lead to prohibitively expensive and time-consuming litigation.”   It argues that the article in question “plainly …


Sherrod v. Butler Defendants Contend Statute Is Applicable to Suit

The defendants in the Sherrod v. Breitbart suit today filed their reply brief in support of their motion to dismiss the suit pursuant to DC’s recently-enacted anti-SLAPP statute.  In response to the plaintiff’s argument that the statute has no application to her case, because the complaint was filed February 11, 2011, while the statute did not become effective until March 31, 2011, the defendants argue that the legislative history suggests that it was intended to apply to cases that were pending at the time the statute was passed, and thus applies here. The defendants also argue that the plaintiff was …