Dan Snyder Dismisses Suit Against City Paper

Dan Snyder today agreed to dismiss his lawsuit against the City Paper and its reporter, Dave McKenna, with prejudice (this means that the case is over and Snyder cannot file suit again on these allegations). In the stipulation of dismissal, the defendants agree “that they shall bear their own fees and costs in connection with this action.” Of course, under the anti-SLAPP statute, if the party filing a special motion to dismiss prevails, the court may award the costs of litigation, including reasonable attorney fees.  DC Code 16-5504(a).

The stipulation of dismissal does not reference whether the defendants agreed to pay anything as part of the settlement, or issue an apology, etc.   However, the City Paper issued a press release here which suggests that is not the case.

The dismissal means that the challenge to the anti-SLAPP as unconstitutional because of the Home Rule will not be resolved in this case. To date, it has not been raised by the plaintiffs in the Sherrod v. Breitbart or the Lehan v. Fox Television cases.

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