Dean Argues that 3M Decision Controls Resolution of Maddow Anti-SLAPP Motion

Bradley Dean today filed his opposition to the anti-SLAPP motion filed by Rachel Maddow and others in response to his federal court action. Given that he expressly refiled his Superior Court case in federal court as part of a strategy to gain the benefit of Judge Wilkins’ decision in 3M v. Boulter, it comes as no surprise that his brief relies heavily on that decision.

Dean also argues, as he had argued in the Superior Court, that that anti-SLAPP statute violates the Home Rule Act.  While the Home Rule argument has been made in several cases (see herehere, and here), it has never been resolved by either the federal or Superior court.

The remainder of Dean’s brief is a rehash of his previously submitted arguments about why the Court should allow the case to proceed.

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