Farah Lawyer Calls Adverse Decision “Significantly Flawed and Intellectually Dishonest” and Files Appeal to DC Circuit

As I predicted last week, the plaintiff in Farah v. Esquire has quickly appealed an adverse decision to the DC Circuit, where it joins the appeals filed by the defendants in Sherrod v. Breitbart and 3M v. Davis. In those cases, however, the defendants appealed the district court’s denial of their anti-SLAPP motions whereas here the defendants’ anti-SLAPP motion was granted. And, in those cases, the plaintiffs have moved to dismiss the appeals, here and here.

After the adverse decision, Farah’s lawyer, Larry Klayman, was quoted as calling the decision “significantly flawed and intellectually dishonest” and “so poorly reasoned it rises to a level of negligence.” (Klayman is the same counsel representing the plaintiffs in Dean v. NBC, pending both in the DC Superior Court and in the DC federal court).

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