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Lanny Davis Drops High-Profile Appeal of Denial of Anti-SLAPP Motion

With apologies to Queen, another anti-SLAPP suit has bitten the dust.  Unlike the Lehan v. Fox Television Stations case, in which the defendants’ anti-SLAPP motion was granted, however, the high-profile squabble between 3M and Lanny Davis has ended because of a settlement. 

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Breitbart Defendants File Opening Brief in DC Circuit

The defendants in the Sherrod v. Breitbart case have filed their opening brief in the DC Circuit.  As you may recall, Judge Leon’s Statement of Reasons, explaining why he denied the anti-SLAPP motion in his minute Order, stated that it was denied because: (a) the lawsuit was filed six weeks before the statute became effective and there was no indication that it was intended to apply retroactively; (b) the statute is inapplicable in federal court, which is required to apply federal procedural law under Erie; and (c) the motion was not timely made. Almost ½ of the appellate brief is …


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