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Another DC federal judge applies DC anti-SLAPP statute in federal court

On September 27, the DC federal court applied the DC anti-SLAPP statute and dismissed the libel suit brought by Yasser Abbas, the son of Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority.  In so doing, Judge Sullivan became the third DC federal court judge to expressly hold that the DC anti-SLAPP statute can be invoked in federal court, joining Judge Walton in Boley v. Atlantic Monthly Group, Inc. and Judge Collyer in Farah v. Esquire Magazine, Inc.  (Of course, in 3M v. Boulter, Judge Wilkins held that it does not apply in federal court).

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Federal Court Grants Anti-SLAPP Motion And Dismisses Adelson Libel Suit

I previously blogged about the libel suit brought by Sheldon Adelson against the National Jewish Democratic Council and others, alleging that an article they published, which reported that Adelson had personally approved of prostitution in his casinos, and urged then-Presidential candidate Mitt Romney to reject his “dirty money,” was false and defamatory.  The defendants initially moved to dismiss the suit under Rule 12(b)(6) and the DC anti-SLAPP act.  At the Court’s request, the parties then briefed whether the suit would survive under Nevada’s anti-SLAPP statute. On September 30, the Court dismissed the suit, holding that it failed to state a claim …


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