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DC Court of Appeals Holds that Denial of Motion to Quash Under DC Anti-SLAPP Statute Is Immediately Appealable

Yesterday, in its first decision interpreting the DC Anti-SLAPP statute, the DC Court of Appeals (DC’s highest court) held that: –           the denial of a special motion to quash under the statute is immediately appealable under the collateral order doctrine; and –           a party making a motion under the DC anti-SLAPP statute does not need to disprove, in the first instance, that it was not commercially motivated. (For background on the Burke v. Doe case, see here).

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Fourth Federal Court Judge Holds That DC Anti-SLAPP Statute Can Be Applied in Federal Court

Another DC federal court judge recently held that the DC anti-SLAPP statute applies in federal court, and applied it to dismiss a libel and related torts action.  This decision, in Forras v. Rauf, means that four DC federal district court judges have held that the DC  anti-SLAPP statute applies in federal court, while one has held that it does not. 

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